Character ProfilesEdit

As the title says, this page is all about the characters of the Lovelyverse. Currently the Folowing Characters can

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Equallity or Tyranny Forum:Edit

Kalina Maas

Annalyn Maas

Tjin Maas

Levi Maas

Harrold Maas

Marcus Maas

Nadia Erstanoviw

Dylan Wolf

Adeline Flint

Angelia White

Alain DuBois

Angelique Delacroix

Simon Boyce

Sheng Li Wang

Danny Frazier

Kate Argasen

Sarah Argasen

Natasha Dugan

Julianna Hana

Canon Characters:Edit

Victor Creed

James Howlett

Piotr Rasputtin

Remy LeBeau

Katherine Pryde

Laura Kinney

The next Generation:Edit

Emily LeBeau

Sam Wolf