Dorothy White


Dorothy Astra White







Place of Birth

Dunedin, New Zealand


Angelia White (Older Sister) ,Aria White (Older Sister, Deceased), Jack Humpreys (Uncle), Ashira White (Mother, Deceased), Luke White (Father, Deceased)





Dorothy White is a New Zealand mutant in the X-men Lovelyverse. She is a student at Xavier's School for the Gifted along with her sister Angelia. She was abandoned at the school by her Uncle who gave up gardianship of both girls.


She is a young girl with white blond hair and blue eyes. She is skinny and fragile looking but looks her age unlike her sister Angelia. She is only an inch shorter then Angelia making her 4'7".


Happy most of the time and likes to help, unless it's gardening.



Dorothy was born as the last of four children. She was and emergency delivery however unlike her sister there were no other complications. She was only born a week and a half early.


Dorothy had a relatively normal childhood. She was slightly spoilt by her older siblings and got the most attention from their parents.

Dorothy age 12

Family LossEdit

After attending a concert that her older sisters performed in, her family stayed with some friends before driving home the next night.

A drink driver ran them off a cliff with Angelia and Dorothy as the sole survivors. They were sent to live with their Uncle in America soon after.


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Powers and AbilitiesEdit


User can cure broken or withered plants, wounds, broken bones, low vitality, and even diseases. Typically the user can't raise the dead, however some can revive people if they have very recently died. Small wounds will regenerate new tissue. Large wounds like missing limbs and broken bones need to be put back together if the injury is fresh, or they can be regenerated by advanced healers.

Dorothy uses some of her own energy to heal people meaning she needs to eat a lot of high carb food.

Sensing injuries Edit

She can feel other peoples injuries. She can tell who it is if she knows the person well enough.

The way she knows is an itchy feeling which sometimes results in her scratching the area until it bleeds.

Enhanced Regeneration (also know as Heal Factor)Edit

The user can rapidly heal from minor to serious ills, the rate of recovery varies and can sometimes result in the slowing, or even stopping, of aging. Some can grow missing limbs, others must put the limb back in place for rapid regeneration. User's cells regenerate very rapidly, or upon command. May also have effects on cell health or immunities.

This only works as long as she has the energy. Her energy level also dictates how fast she will heal. She is not immortal and still ages unlike feral mutants with this ability.



Dorothy uses a short swords as her weapon. She is being taught how to use it by Angelia.


  • She is technically a dual citizen of New Zealand and America because her Mother was American.