Ethan is the son of Dylan Wolf and Kate Argasen and a Next Generation Character in the Lovelyverse Universe.

Ethan Wolf


Ethan Jacen Wolf


Male with blonde hair and Grey eyes, Ethan resembles his father more then his mother.



Powers and Abilities:Edit


Ethan can reduce the kinetic energy of atoms and reduce temperature, combined with the ability control, generate, or absorb ice. A sub-power of Air Manipulation, Thermal Manipulation and Water Manipulation.

Creation of Ice depends on the amount of moisture available, Dry areas make this harder or impossible.Unable to control or manipulate water, except possibly slush.As with all cold/ice, is affected with abilities using Fire Manipulation and Magma Manipulation.Vibrations are difficult (if not impossible) to freeze, as they cause the ice to shatter, making sound-based abilities a perfect counter.

The user can reduce the kinetic energy of atoms meaning they effectively make things colder, user may become capable of generating and sending forth various freezing effects. User also has ability to transform moisture/water into varying forms of ice and control, manipulate and move it as they wish.