Kalina Maas
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Kalina Joanna Helena Maas


Kaja, Little Diamond, Cher





Place of Birth:

Rotterdam, The Netherlands


Annalyn (Sister), Tjin (Half-Brother), Levi (Cousin), Nadia (Cousin), Wanda Zablocka (Grandmother), Harrold (Uncle, deceased), Marcus (Father, deceased), Joanna (Mother, deceased),


Remy Lebeau (Boyfriend)



Kalina Maas is a dutch mutant in the X-men Lovelyverse, She is the schools nurse and Guidance Counselor and a member of the X-men team. Kalina fled The Netherlands after the country made her a fugitive, She has been with Charles Xavier and the X-men ever since.


Kaja has golden blonde hair and baby blue eyes, her kind looking natural pretty face radiates trust and honesty. This makes people gravitate towards her. Due to her ordeals in The Netherlands, Kaja has several scars on her body. Including a severely scarred left leg and a microchip has been implanted into her left shoulder.


Kaja is a sweet, kind and outgoing young woman with a very shy and insecure side to her. It took her years to admit her feelings for her crush and teacher Remy LeBeau. Her kind and sweet nature has a downside however. It leaves her very vulnerable, because she only sees the best in people and trusts everyone until proven untrustworthy.She's the type of person anyone can turn to and tell their deepest, darkest secrets to, without having to worry about those secrets coming out. She can be Hot headed especially on her bad days or that time of the month. [1]

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Genetic Manipulation:Edit

Kaja was part of an experiment set up by the Dutch Government. The experiment was called The Supermutant program and worked closely with the Weapon X and X-Note programs. Kaja was born inside a labratory after she was created by scientist by means of In Vitro Fertilisation and genetic manipulation. Kaja's X gene was nearly destroyed due to the tampering and she nearly died in the process of restoring her X gene. They failed to fully restore Kaja's powers and she suffers terrible headaches and sometimes bleedings because of it. Kaja's powers are so flawed that they were deemed useless by the scientist. How very wrong they are..

Early life:Edit

Because Kaja was deemed a failed experiment she returned home with her parents and lived a relativly normal life for fifteen years.When she turned fifteen, her whole life turned around once again when her government came after her father. She witnessed the murder of her parents and was taken captive by the government. In the invasion of her home a total of twenty-seven mutants and three humans were killed.

Days in the lab:Edit

Kaja was transported to the same labratory she was created in, She spent months in a small cell and was only let out to endure tests and experiments. Months after her capture Kaja would endure cruel tests. One of these test involved a room full of other mutants with similar powers, They were told that the last mutant standing would regain their freedom. This mutant was Kaja, who's Seer powers were more develloped then the powers of the other mutants. Instead of regaining her freedom she was whisked away for an experiment involving a shark tank, She was lowered into it with her hands bound behind her back this is how Kaja's leg got severely scarred. Dr.Jansen, Kaja's 'Creator' had seen the experiment and decided that it was enough. He helped her and the Mutant Beak escape the Dutch labs but was executed for his betrayal.

The Great escape:Edit

After her escape the Dutch Government declared her a fugitive and accused her for commiting the murder on her parents and the other mutants that faithfull day. As a result she will never be able to return to the Netherlands.

Kaja managed to escape onto the streets of Rotterdam barely holding onto her life. Her leg became infected on her way to the city and she was forced to steal Penicilline and Morphine from hospitals to stop the infection from spreading. Kaja managed to survive for a full month until she was found by Charles Xavier.

Safe at last:Edit

Charles took her to the USA and offered her sanctuary at Xavier's School for the Gifted. She now resides at the school and has become a mother figure to the younger students. She has accepted the possition of School Nurse and School Counselor, and also fights as a member of the X-men Team. [2]


Powers and Abillities:Edit

In Kaja's case there is no limit as to how far ahead she can see, from seconds to decades or centuries ahead. Her powers are not limited to the planet Earth.


Kaja's main mutation is the ability to see into the future, Kaja is a seer. As a matter of fact Kaja is the only living seer on the planet who can actively see the future in video images. She can keep track of multiple future's with a picture in picture view.

Kaja uses her pregocnitive abilities to predict opponents attacks, sense danger in general, forecast the weather, see other people's fates, As a death sense; She can predict who is going to die and when their death will occur. And she uses mathematics and numbers to predict both the future and landing patterns. Her visions are usually strongest in her dreams. Her pregocnitive skills cannot be used at will and they cause terrible headaches that can last for days.

Astral Projection:

Kaja can control her Astral body by projecting it outside of her body. This power's drawback is that she must have a safe location to 'store' her body. For if she cannot return to her body within two days, her body will die. Kaja is a high level Astral projector, meaning that she can phase through objects, interact with the physical environment within her astral form and make her astral form corporal.


Kaja recieves information from a particular location, person, object or physical event that she stumbles upon. It's a power she can't control and takes a lot of concentration. She uses her clairvoyant abillities to see things through another person's eyes. This abillity enables her to go back in someone's past and control it in a way, Kaja uses this to help others overcome great trauma's.


Her powers gain her the abillity to look into the past of herself and others, enabling her track peoples moving paterns and where abouts.


Kaja is a low level telepath and can only establish mind links with people she has a strong emotional bond with.

Psionic Blasts:

Kaja can shoot Psionic blasts into the minds of others causing terrible headaches to occur in both her and her victim, excessive use of this power can cause bleeding to come out of Kaja's ears and nose.


Bo staff:

Kaja's favourite weapon of all time. She uses this defensive weapon both in fighting and in training, she is extremely skilled at it and can wield the bo staff at the same level as Gambit can.


Kaja's Blue Bo Staff


Kaja's offensive weapons are a pair of sais, she doesn't use these often. But she is a very skilled fighter with these nonetheless.

Kaja's Sai

Kaja's Sais


  • Favourite food is Chicken Nuggets, you can defenitly wake her up for these in the middle of the night.
  • Speaks at least four languages.
  • Has a brown belt in both Judo and Karate.
  • Her Birthday is May, 30th.
  • She's afraid of Sharks and Bullets
Across The Universe - It Won't Be Long (Subtitulos español)

Across The Universe - It Won't Be Long (Subtitulos español)

Kaja singing!

Christina Aguilera - Reflection

Christina Aguilera - Reflection

Kalina's Theme Song