Katherine Pryde


Katherine Anne Pryde







Place of Birth

Deerfield, Illinois


Carmen and Theresa Pryde (Parents), Samuel Prydeman (Grandfather)




Katherine Pryde is a character from both the regular Xmen universes and the Lovelyverse. She is the School's theatre and choir teacher.


Kitty has blue eyes and brown hair. Her hair is quite often pulled back into a pony tail. She is 5'5".


Kitty is a kind person who cares for her friends and family greatly.



At age thirteen Kitty started to get headaches signaling the emergence of her mutant powers. She was approached by both Storm and Jean from the X-men and Emma Frost and Mystique from the Brotherhood, with both groups trying to convince her parents to let her join them. In the end Kitty chose Storm and Jean leading to a fight between the two groups, with Kitty siding with Storm and Jean.

Upon arriving at the school she was placed in a dorm by herself, eventually gaining roommates.


Kitty was naturally smart and excelled in languages, computers science and technology and was good at dance and singing. She graduated school at 15 but remained at the school as the Theatre and Choir teacher. Becasue of her age she remained in her dorm with people her own age and still attends classes that attracte her attention.


Kitty's roommates are Rogue and Angelia. For a short time Kitty liked Rogues boyfriend Bobby causing conflict between the girls but it was resolved easily. In addition to being Angelia's roommate she is also her Theatre and Choir teacher and a mentor of sorts. She also cares greatly for Angelia's younger sister, Dorothy, especailly after the attack on the January 17th, 2013.

Another of her friends is Poitr Rasputin although since he got his boyfriend Reed they have spoken less, mostly due to her dislike for Alain and Reed's 'attitude' towards other people's health, safety and pasts. (please note that is Kitty's view not everyone elses)

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • The ability to pass through solid matter.
  • She does not walk on

May phase accidentally, especially when getting a fright.

She can disrupt electrical currents when phasing through electronics. An energy attacks can cause her to become tangible.

Other AbilitiesEdit

Besides her mutant powers, Kitty is a genius in the field of applied technology and computer science. She is highly talented in the design and use of computer hardware. She is a professional-level dancer in both ballet and modern dance and knows some martial arts. She speaks fluent English, Japanese, Russian, and has moderate expertise in Gaelic, Hebrew, and German.


Kitty generally uses what is around her and does not just focus on one or two weapons.


  • Kitty's biography is largely made up since she had only a minor role in the movies (Last Stand) and her comic book past is mostly unusable.