Roleplaying ExperienceEdit

Aside from private roleplays with various friends, I have next to none! I have written several stories in notebooks that I've never published and I have a vivid imagination that makes me daydream a lot. I try my best to keep things


Real Name:






Equality or Tranquility canons:

Jean Grey, Mystique and Magneto

The Next Generation canons:

Jean Grey, Mystique and Pyro

EoT Original Characters:

Juliana Hana, Evelyn Creed, Jade Martel, Ivanna Steele, Ryan Conrad, Alexis Howlett, Edward Howlett and Keon Creed

TNG Original Characters:

Alexis Howlett, Edward Howlett, Julianna Howlett, Ryan Conrad, Evelyn Creed, Keon Creed, Bao Yu Wang and Jade Wang

interesting and I'm trying to broaden my horizons with male characters and potentially more OCs with different races and backgrounds! It's kind of hard to keep track of my OCs right now!


If you ever want to private roleplay anything, I mean anything, just send me a private message! If you want to be facebook friends, let me know, I might hesitate on that though. Also, if your character is feeling lonely, let me know, if I'm not overwhelmed with all my other characters, I'll make someone for you! <3

  • Ryan Conrad (TNG)
  • Ryan Conrad (TNG)
  • Evelyn Creed (EoT)
  • Julianna "Jules" Howlett (EoT)
  • Julilanna "Jules" Howlett (EoT)
  • Keon Creed (TNG)
  • Edward Howlett (EoT and TNG)