Mortimer Toynbee


Mortimer Toynbee







Place of Birth:

York, England

Notable Family:



Victor Creed (Friend) Jade (Ex-Girlfriend)


The Brotherhood


Toad has green skin, green hair, several warts, and greenish-yellow eyes. His body is marked by some faint scars and he usually wears a small earring in his left ear.


Toad is a very confident man and quite a smart-ass. He can do a lot of damage when he's angry but deep down inside of him he has feelings of insecurity. This is caused by the negative reactions he's received due to his appearance. Toad also has trust issues due to the fact that most people he's met have hurt him, both physically and mentally.


Toad was abandoned by his parents as a baby due to his physical mutations. He was raised in an orphanage where he was abused by both the other children and the staff until he ran away as a teenager.

These experiences caused him to hate humans with a passion and he jumped at the chance to join the Brotherhood as they shared his ideals.

Powers and Abilities:Edit

Toad possesses superhuman leg strength and endurance, agility, reflexes, coordination, balance, a superhuman ability to leap great distances, and an elongated prehensile tongue that can extend up to twenty-five feet.

However his tongue is just as vulnerable to harm as the rest of him and so he must be careful how he uses it.

Toad's primary mutant ability is a superhuman leaping ability that allows him to leap many times higher and farther than an ordinary human. He possesses some degree of superhuman strength and endurance, primarily concentrated in his lower torso and legs, which grants him his superior leaping abilities. His vertebral column and skeletal structure are unusually flexible, enabling him to remain in a constant crouching position and contort his body into unusual position without injury or strain. He is knowledgeable in hand-to-hand combat, using both his leaping ability and his elongated prehensile tongue to his advantage.

He also uses quick-drying spit in battle to gain the upper hand, usually by cutting off his opponents air supply with that spit.

Toad is very intelligent and he has considerable knowledge of advanced technology.

Toad's physical appearance is considered disgusting due to his amphybian-like traits caused by his mutation.


  • Occasionally wields Bo staff.


  • Jade was his first girlfriend and his first sexual encounter. She broke up with him after revealing that she'd had feelings for Sheng Li for quite some time. Toad did not take this well as he saw it as a betrayal by one of the few people he actually trusted.